How to Play Bass Guitar Chords

How to play bass guitar chords are the same with guitar chords. Using full chords in the bass is a thing that is rarely used. Where in many cases, playing single note bass with more widely used. Although the use of the chord in the bass is quite effective in the right situation. Understand and learn the use of chord can make more interesting and more effective in playing bass guitar.

Bass Guitar Chords - Meaning of Chords

Chord in the simplest explanation is the three notes that sounded together. In some exceptions, play two notes together, is also considered as a chord functionally. For example, the notes in the C chord are C, E, G. So if we want to play C chord, we have to play these three notes 
(C, E, and G) together. Or we can also play the two of them together. Suppose C and G, or it could be C and E. It is functionally also be considered a chord.

How to Play A Simple Bass Guitar

To play bass in a simple, we just played a single note of the chord being played. For example, in a song chords used are C Am F and G. So when the C chord is being played, then the bass player just enough plays notes of the chords C, which is C, E and G. Preferably play the first note (C), and the other notes (E and G) as a variation. Similarly, when the Am chord is played. We just need to play the notes of the chord. Notes from the Am chord is A, C, and E. Just play the first note (A), and then the other notes, C and E, as a variation. Do the same thing on the other chords. The notes of the F chord are F, A, and C. The notes of the G chord are G, B, and D. We just need to memorize the notes of a chord. But keep in mind. this is a easiest and simplest way. Hopefully this simple blog can be useful for those of you who want to learn the bass guitar chords, enjoy and have fun.